Tippler Distributor

Perfect for small or isolated sites, the IQ Tippler Distributor is a good solution where there is variable or intermittent flow.

The wastewater is collected in the tipping bucket which, when full, pivots on the specially designed bearings. The trough tips and discharges across a distribution channel suspended above the filter media. On each filling cycle, the trough empties on alternate sides of the galvanised tray to ensure an even distribution across the bed and optimum treatment.


The Tippler Distributor relies on basic mechanical principles and gravity, which reduces the amount of maintenance required.

It has been designed to replace existing installations such as Adams Hydraulics, Hambaker Adams, Ames Crosta Mills, Ashbrook Simon Hartley, Tuke and Bell. 

We can also supply spare parts for all types of distributors.

Please check out a video of the IQ-Tippler Distributor here

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