Tipping Bucket Rotating Distributor

Suited for small or rural sites, the Tipping Bucket rotating distributor is a good solution where there is fluctuating or intermittent flow.

The wastewater is collected in the tipping bucket which pivots on the specially designed self-lubricating bearings when it is full. The bucket discharges into a tank suspended above the filter media which has integral fins to assist the tank to rotate. Sewage water is then dispersed through the two arms on to the filter media below. Upon emptying, the bucket reverts to its resting position to be re-filled by incoming flow for another cycle. This process of filling and emptying ensures that the media is more evenly covered to optimise the treatment of the sewage and the arms can be fitted with spreader plates to increase the dispersal. 

Rotating filter bed

 The Tipping Bucket Distributor is a simpler design when compared to distributors with integral syphons. It relies on basic mechanical principles and gravity which reduces the amount of maintenance required. Each distributor is designed in-house to suit the existing site arrangement. 

The design can be used to replace existing installations such as those made by Adams Hydraulics, Hambaker Adams, Tuke and Bell, Ashbrook Simon Hartley & Ames Crosta Mills. IQ Engineers also carry out maintenance visits and supply spare parts for all types of distributors which will assist customers to comply with the descriptive consent conditions set by the Environment Agency.

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