Floating Arm

IQ Stainless Steel* floating arm (also called decanting arms) are based on a twin float design with a scum box arrangement ensuring that floating sludge and other material does not enter the decanting tube. They are designed to draw off surface liquor in a variety of environments and are either standard or constant volume decanting arms depending on site requirements.

The standard sizes available are 100mm-300mm outlet discharge pipe diameter which are designed to discharge up to 60 litres per second.

How to size a Floating Arm using top water level and drawn down requirement

A constant volume decanting arm has an orifice plate fitted at the end of the arm, so it can pass a specific volume of liquor under a fixed head of water. The orifice is sized to meet the site requirements and is used where a constant rate of discharge is required prior to entry into drains or treatment plant.

Steel Chains can be provided to both standard and constant volume arms which enables the arm to be raised manually or to be set at a minimum liquid level.

 *BSEN10088 designation 1.4301/1.1101 also known as 304 & 316 SS

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