Self Seal

Self-Seal distributors were originally manufactured by Adams Hydraulics and remain in wide use today as they are a low energy option for sewage treatment. They comprise of a centre column with arms suspended from the crosshead and sealed from below with a V-lip seal around the guide ring. IQ Engineers has worked on these machines for over 30 years and many of our team have designed and manufactured them for even longer. We can supply a full machine for your filter bed, designed in house to suit the existing site conditions or specific individual parts can be supplied and installed for a bespoke filter refurbishment.

We are able to undertake an inspection of the distributors to identify what is required and we will always highlight any parts of the machines which can be re-used. This ensures that both materials and budget can be conserved where possible.

Adams Hydraulics type Self Seal Distributor supplied installed in Cumbria

If you wish to buy distributor spares, please see the distributor spares page. Our distributors and parts are fully compatible with Adams Hydraulics filters but can also be designed to replace trickling filters on any site with filter beds such as those by Ashbrook Simon Hartley, Alfa Laval, Tuke and Bell, Jacopa and Farrer.


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