Spida Static Distributor

The SPIDA distributor is an alternative to a Tippler distributor. It is designed to treat sewage where quiet operation is important.

The SPIDA is designed in house and is suitable to replace existing installations including those manufactured by Adams Hydraulics, Hambaker Adams, Tuke and Bell, Ashbrook Simon Hartley & Ames Crosta Mills.

SPIDA Trickle Filter


Key features include:

  • Static system ensures quiet operation
  • V notches allow self-adjustment to variable flow
  • Blanking plates allow for future changes in flow
  • Low maintenance as no moving parts and V notches prevent blocked nozzles
  • Manufactured from Stainless Steel to ensure long asset life
  • Tank wash out valve for easy cleaning
  • Flexible in-house design

IQ Engineers also maintain and supply spare parts for all types of distributors which helps customers to comply with the descriptive consent conditions set by the Environment Agency.

All products are manufactured to ISO9001 (2015) and are available for all Customers including Water Companies, Contractors or Private individuals.


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