Stop Logs

Stop Logs have been used for many years to contain water in tanks, channels, or for flood management when installation or removal is required infrequently. Historically, stop logs were made from squared timbers but Aluminium Stop Logs now provide an effective water flow control alternative for many types of projects.

Our stop logs are suitable for a large range of channel widths and water depths and provide a guaranteed maximum leakage rate of 0.62l per minute per linear metre of wetted seal.

Stop Log Key Features

  • Made of aluminium (6061-T6), 8mm minimum thickness and maximum stress of 52 MPa.
  • Range of sizes designed to accommodate specified stop log heights, channel widths or total water depths.
  • Welds on the downstream side of the stop logs are continuous.
  • Adequate drainage is provided for the interior of the stop logs to prevent buoyancy or retention of Water.

 Small stoplog frame for flow control demonstartion

Unique Seals

The specially shaped one piece urethane seal attached to the bottom and ends of the stop log provides an uninterrupted seal on the dry side of the stop log frame and also between adjacent stop logs. The bottom stop log seals with the flush invert of the stop log frame. (see photo of corner seal)

The seals are designed to compress a minimum of 3mm against the stop log frame face when in situ and the seals are also wide enough to provide an effective seal when adjacent logs are laterally offset by up to 12mm.

All seals are mounted on individual stoplogs to make inspection and repair easier. Seals mounted on the stop logs also prevents damage from debris when not in use. Many designs incorporate the seal in the frame where it is more exposed to damage.

All contact surfaces for the stop log seals have a smooth mill finish.

Stop Log Frames

Stainless Steel Stop Log Frames are bespoke designed, formed and welded and supplied for wall face mounted and channel mounted applications.

Stop Log Storage Frames

Galvanised Steel Storage Frames can be supplied in any configuration to suit site requirements.

Aluminium Stop log in storage Frame for isolation in inlet works

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