Distributors & Syphon

Distributors are found across the UK and internationally and are often called trickling filters or biofilters. A great example of low energy wastewater treatment which has been proven over many years and is now becoming even more favorable with Net Zero targets to meet Climate challenges.

Adams Hydraulics type Self Seal Distributor supplied installed in Cumbria

Self Seal

Completely new replacement machines designed in-house or cost-effective refurbishment for our clients

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Refurbished cresset Distributor in Staffordshire with using exisiting column

Cresset & Weir Cresset

Complete new replacement machines or cost-effective refurbishment for our clients

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Cross section through cresset or weir cresset type distributor showing spare parts which fit Adams Hydraulics and other distributors

Distributor Spares

Distributor Spares supplied and manufactured in the UK for a range of legacy equipment

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New tippler sewage distributor installed in Northumberland

Tippler Distributor

Designed by IQE to replace existing installations such as Adams Hydraulics, Hambaker Adams, Ames Crosta Mills, Ashbrook Simon Hartley, Tuke and Bell

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Rotating distributor for small treatment works with biological filter bed

Tipping Bucket Rotating Distributor

Suitable for small sewage plants, particularly in rural areas when dealing with sewage flows from groups of houses or similar isolated cases

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SPIDA Trickling Filter

Spida Static Distributor

Suited to very low flows

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New dosing syphon for exisiting sewage treatment works to replace an Adams Hydraulics siphon

Dosing Syphon

Zero energy needed to control the flow of sewage to distributors on stw

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Plastic Syphon

Lightweight Dosing Syphon

IQ Lightweight Dosing Syphons can reduce the weight of the dome by up to 80%.

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