Cresset & Weir Cresset

Cresset Distributors originally manufactured by Adams Hydraulics’ are great examples of heritage technology that is still widely used today. They comprise of an inner and outer tank suspended from a top bearing and can include weir arms. Effluent is evenly distributed across the filter beds where bacteria digest the organic particles to produce treated water.

IQ Engineers has worked on these machines for over 30 years and many of our team have designed and manufactured them for even longer. 

 Refurbished cresset Distributor in Staffordshire with using exisiting column

We enjoy using this knowledge to provide completely new replacement machines or cost-effective refurbishment for our clients. We work with our customers to identify the parts needed and this can range from a full machine, supplying bearings or a set of new arms. Our distributors and parts are fully compatible with Adams Hydraulics filters but can also be designed to replace trickling filters on any site with filter beds such as those by Ashbrook Simon Hartley, Alfa Laval, Tuke and Bell, Jacopa and Farrer.

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