Hydrostatic Telescopic Bellmouth

An adjustable or telescopic bellmouth works when the inner pipe is lowered and raised within the static outer pipe by the operating equipment. This adjusts the flow of liquid which is going into or out of the top of the inner pipe.

Hydrostatic Telescopic Bellmouth inner and outer Hydrostatic Bellmouth

IQ Bellmouth standard features include:

  • Anti-Spin Device
  • Designed to meet the vertical movement range you require
  • Unique Polyurethane Wiper Seal to ensure good function and no leakage
  • Sizes between 100mm and 500mm
  • Stainless steel inner and a choice of galvanised mild steel or stainless steel outer pipe with drilled base flange
  • Operated by a rising screwed stainless steel spindle (1.4301) working through nut arrangement
  • A choice of an aluminium hand wheel or electrically operated actuator

    Outlet Diameter (Nominal Bore) Minimum Size (mm)
    100 2 x travel + 325
    150 2 x travel + 325
    200 2 x travel + 325
    250 2 x travel + 325
    300 2 x travel + 325
    >300 Contact sales and we will design it to suit your requirements

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