Dosing Syphon

Dosing syphons (or siphons) are useful devices for dosing fixed, finite volumes of liquid and are designed to manage a wide range of flow rates. Syphons are especially useful in converting small, continuous flows into large intermittent dosing flows to ensure that the trickling filters they feed work well.

Dosing syphons key features

  • Made from Cast iron or a lighter weight plastic version
  • no moving parts
  • require no power source
  • easy to install
  • require very little maintenance.

New dosing syphon for exisiting sewage treatment works to replace an Adams Hydraulics siphon

If a syphon needs complete renewal, we can provide a like for like replacement. Equally, where conditions have changed, we can assess if the existing syphon can be modified by altering the depth of drawdown and consequently the volume of flow going to the distributors.

IQ Engineers has extensive in-house expertise of both single syphon units and more complex interconnected units and manufacture and supply replacement syphons for all manufacturers including Adams Hydraulics (Ham Baker Adams). These are fitted by trained personnel who will ensure that your new syphon operates on site as it has been designed to.

Alternatively, we can simply replace elements to reduce the cost and environmental impacts including:

the pipework and top plate

the feedpipe that the syphon rests on where it has become worn or damaged. This does not require significant disruption or works within the chamber.

Removed parts are fully recyclable

If you need assistance with Distributors (trickling filters, biofilters) in conjunction with the dosing syphon, we can visit site to assess them at the same time.

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