IQ-Whipps Series 900 Stainless Steel Penstock are high performance and long life gate valves. The design is proven for over 40 years as one of the leading US penstock and is exclusively designed and manufactured in the UK under licence from Whipps inc.

The design accommodates a wide range of mounting arrangements and flow conditions. Rugged, reinforced stainless steel construction is combined with tough, flexible, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) seat/seals, to provide a heavy-duty assembly. Flush bottom closure is provided by a resilient bottom seal. In addition to the wide range of standard penstocks, IQ Engineers can quickly and economically produce non-standard or customized penstocks for unusual applications.

We offer a range of services which include:

We can also undertake bespoke work for specific sites. For example, Grout Tests were carried out to ensure the best material was used to fix two, 1200mm HDPE penstocks with a 17m offseat head at Moor Monkton (Yorkshire Water).

Channel rebate mounted Penstocks in Yorkshire

Channel Mounted Penstock 920 Range

Side or rebate mounted

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Seaham Penstocks

Wall Mounted Penstock 920 Range

Open top or closed top wall mounted penstock

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Jefferson, CO-4 gates

Optional Features

Weir penstock, Twin spindle, non-rising stems or wall thimbles

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Side section of wall mounted penstock

Advantages (vs Cast Iron Penstocks)

WEFTEC show heavy duty penstock gate

High Head Heavy Duty Penstock 950 range

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