Optional Features

Penstock size and service conditions determine the penstock configuration required for each application. Overall penstock widths, side frame sections and invert sections shown on the website illustrate only a few of the many configurations available.

Weir penstock:

Most penstock models can be specified for weir type. Such penstocks are used where there is insufficient clearance to open an upward opening penstock or where the penstock is to be used as an overflow weir. Weir penstocks may be furnished with or without a top seal.

Twin spindle Penstock:

All models may be specified with two interconnected gearboxes. This arrangement is generally recommended for penstocks 2m or wider and having a width greater than twice the height.

Non-Rising Stems:

All models may be specified with non-rising stems. This operating stem arrangement is normally selected for installations with low headroom.

Wall Thimbles:

All models with top seals can be specified for wall thimble mounting. Thimbles are typically only necessary for applications that experience high off-seating heads.

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