Channel Mounted Penstock 920 Range

Most of our UK penstock sales are of the 920 series which are selected to meet the operating width and head from invert of the installation. The design offers flexibility to fit any round, square or rectangular opening on a pre-designed structure. 

Three channel mounted Penstocks in new inlet works

  • Suitable for Heads up to 8m depending on aperture width
  • Sizes up to 2.8m wide depending on head conditions
  • Simple construction. 5mm and 6mm material thicknesses
  • Resilient Seals require no adjustment once fitted
  • Seals conform to BS6920. WRAS listing No. 0604502
  • Available in stainless steel to BS EN 10088: Grade 1.4301 (304) & 1.4401 (316)

 Channel Rebate mounted

Channel Mount Penstock Side & Invert rebate detail

Penstocks be designed to be installed in a rebate to maintain the full flow of the channel without the frame reducing the channel width as shown in the detail above. They can also be directly fixed to the walls of the channel as a side wall mounted design.

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