Electro-pneumatic Conversion

For an electro-pneumatic system, the mechanical movement valve is replaced with an electrode. This is positioned in the top of the cylinder and monitors the water level in the ejector and signals to the control panel when the ejector is at capacity and opens the air valves to eject the sewage.

Dewage ejector refurbishment from mechanically operated to electro-pneumatic system

A further benefit of a conversion is that the internal float is removed which increases the available volume of the cylinder and the Sewage Ejector pumping capacity. This makes it an ideal retrofit solution for a sewage pumping system struggling with the incoming flows. The upgrade can increase the pumping capacity of the sewage ejector by up to 30% by using the existing pipework and cylinders. This is more efficient and a cheaper option than a new, larger pumping station and is work our team have carried out for over 30 years.

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