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Weston Super Mare STW - part of £26million upgrade

We worked with two different contractors.After we successfully installed penstocks for a manufacturer we were asked to install a variety of free issue pipework and associated mechanical equipment. 

  • Installation of free issue pipework
  • Sludge thickener pipework valves and pipe supports
  • Prethickened slidge tank area pumps, mixers, pipework, valves and pipe supports
  • Sludge Buffer Tank new thickener feed pumps, tank mixer and associated pipework within manholes L and K
  • Installation of strain press feed pipework
  • Installation of washwater station pumps and pipework
  • Existing FST 1,2,3 & 4 modification of 4 existing sludge chambers
  • Instrument modifications to 4 existing sludge holding tanks
  • Install of 23 No. Penstocks 100mm-3000mm