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SPS North of England

An established relationship with Severn Trent Services dating back over 20 years resulted in IQ Engineers undertaking a package of work refurbishing 15 SPS as part of project Aquatrine. IQ Engineers was able to carry out a wide scope of work to ensure the SPS were brought up to the required standard.

The work package was varied for each station but as a whole included some of the tasks below:

  • Site Surveys
  • Provision of new pumps, panel, kiosk and floats and missing fixings
  • Replacement of non-return valve internals
  • Replace facia board and discharge pipework
  • Supply and installation of cast iron gate valves
  • Repaint pipework
  • Electrical testing
  • Construction of hard standing
  • Replace guide rails
  • Fit locking system to wet well cover
  • Remove step irons
  • Pipework and valves
  • Demolition of building
  • Test davit socket
  • Removal of redundant materials
  • New door for pump house
  • Servicing of the ejector station
  • Testing of lifting equipment
  • Fitting of weather proof cover, as specified by client

This was an opportunity to demonstrate how flexibly IQ Engineers can work in undertaking a wide scope of smaller projects which were self managed and delivered to a good standard for the client.