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Regular servicing & maintenance

Mechanical equipment benefits from regular servicing and maintenance.

Asset life is important and regular maintenance helps prolong it. This is equally as important for different equipment.

Pumps and ejectors require routine servicing. We work with a range of customers throughout the UK and undertake bespoke schedules of maintenance as agreed with them and currently range from 3 monthly to yearly intervals. We offer emergency breakdown cover to ensure customers are supported when they have the inconvenience of equipment breakdown. A prompt repair reduces the need for tankers which are a costly interim solution.

IQ Engineers carry a wide range of spares which are kept on stock to ensure equipment is kept operational.

All engineers are Confined Space trained as required by many of the sites where pumps or ejectors are found. This ensures that H&S requirements are met in a high risk area of work.

Other mechanical equipment can also benefit from general maintenance and servicing. In particular, equipment such as screens and scraper bridges, which are a high cost asset. These benefit from routine maintenance as when it is done well, it can prolong the life span significantly. Our servicing abilities includes Haigh, Longwood Engineering, Ham Baker Adams & Huber screening equipment 

Please get in touch to discuss what we can offer.

Ejector stations need regular maintenance to ensure reliability