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Leisure and Hospitality

Hotels, Caravan Parks and Historic Houses often have stand alone sewage treatment works. These may be complete sewage treatment works, sewage pumping stations or sewage ejector stations. IQ Engineers currently maintain systems throughout the UK including prestigious sites in London and Scotland.

As a specialist in the water industry, we aim to share our knowledge and experience in a friendly manner to ensure that our customers have reliable treatment systems. We like to understand the site conditions our customers have and can offer improvements and upgrades to meet changing needs such as increased capacity.

An example of this is the recent installation of heavy duty sewage grinding machines at a caravan park. This was in response to problems with blocked pumps due to inappropriate items being put into the system – an increasing problem.

We can also work with you to undertake any improvements to access or hand railing which may be required due to changing Health and Safety Legislation.

We undertake risk assessment and Method Statements for our work and all of our teams are confined space trained to ensure the risk of entering these spaces in managed correctly.

Regularly servicing is backed up by breakdown cover in the event that there is a problem on site.

Routine maintenance of Pumping stations