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Defence, Aviation & Ports

IQ Engineers currently work on over 30 sites across the UK within this sector including project Aquatrine.

Airports, Ports and defence sites often have their own water treatment works or pumping systems. We carry out a range of services on an array of Products, undertaking new installations, routine maintenance, breakdown assistance and repairs.

Sewage ejectors (which are sometimes referred to as sewage injectors) are a specialist type of pump operating with a compressor. They are highly effective and are often found in low lying, flat areas such as airfields and ports. Whether it is a Adams Hydraulics ejector, Tuke and Bell or another manufacturer, IQ Engineers has an understanding of the systems which is second to none.

The ejector systems benefit from regular maintenance. This ranges from once to four times a year and is dependent on the effluent passing through a unit. Areas where high quantities of fat pass through such as near catering facilities can often require regular de-fatting to prevent blockages. Regularly serviced and maintained equipment reduces breakdown events and the use of costly tankering services.

A further way that breakdown events are minimised is that many ejectors are twin stations and so long as one ejector is working, the station is operational. At routine servicing any issues can be identified and repaired before it is even noticed by a failing station.

IQ Engineers can work on many other mechanical plant found on water treatment works. Please see the full product range to see what we can help you with. We understand the additional requirements of these sensitive sites, so please get in touch to discuss any projects.

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Sewage ejector valve blocked by fat