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River Lune - record flooding


Following flooding in North Lancashire, a full ejector station was out of action and IQ Engineers got it back up and running. 

In December 2015, the River Lune peaked higher than ever recorded. The whole ejector station was submerged including the main incoming electric supply, compressors and ejector control equipment. The station is essential for pumping sewage from a large site and needed to be operational as soon as possible.

IQ Engineers supplied a temporary power supply, compressor and ejector control panel to get the sewage ejector working again. In addition, we designed and installed a temporary framework to lift the compressor and protect it against further flooding whilst the water levels continued to be a risk.

We are here to offer solutions for any issues you may have due to unexpected weather events or to help with flood prevention. 

We can also supply and install Penstocks and stoplogs or repair damage to existing flood defences. 

Halton Final Installation

Temporary frame to lift the compressor

made on site by our engineers.