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Refurbished Adams Hydraulics Special 10" Cresset distributors

IQ Engineers were asked by United Utilities to survey two 10" Adams Hydraulics Cresset distributor and advise on repairs.

IMG_7861  IMG_7858

On inspection, both machines were found to be an unusual type of Cresset distributor which were not operating correctly. A full inspection identified that new tanks, guide rings and cross head bearings were required but the existing arms, ropes and adjuster were in good condition and could be re-used. 

    20180322_113214  20180322_114108  20180322_124235

IQ Engineers designed and manufactured the new tanks, guide rings and cross head bearings. It was agreed with our Client that we would complete each full distributor refurbishment seperately to ensure less impact on quality of the discharge. The first distributor was stripped down with care to salvage the re-usable parts which were greased where required. The machine was then rebuilt with the new parts and carefully levelled to ensure even distribution of water through the arms. The bed was allowed to recover before IQ Engineers returned to site to refurbish the second machine.

Capture 2  Capture  

The Client was happy with a cost effective refurbishment of both distributors which was carried out by experienced engineers who have a huge depth of knowledge and experience. 

We have put together a short video which can be viewed here: IQ refurbish distributors video



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