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Stainless Steel Penstocks


IQ Engineers specialises in the supply and installation of new penstocks, actuators and valves whilst also offering complete refurbishment of existing equipment. We are widely experienced in the design, manufacture and installation of penstocks including our own IQ-Whipps range with WRAS approved seals.

Site expertise ensures that all penstock installations are carried out safely taking in to account site conditions such as working in confined spaces or at height. Method statements and risk assessments are site specific and tailored around each installation.

We offer a range of services which include:

  • Surveys of faulty or existing penstocks

  • Supply and installation of new penstocks

  • Refurbishments or retro fits to existing penstocks including the supply and installation of replacement parts such as spindles, nuts, actuators

  • Supply and installation of new operating equipment to existing penstocks

  • Retro fit of gearboxes

  • Removal of old defective penstocks

We can also undertake bespoke work for specific sites. For example, Grout Tests were carried out to ensure the best material was used to fix two, 1200mm HDPE penstocks with a 17m offseat head at Moor Monkton (Yorkshire Water).

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Case Study

Client name: Wessex Water

Weston Super Mare STW - part of £26million upgrade

We worked with two different contractors.After we successfully installed penstocks for a manufacturer we were asked to install a variety of free issue pipework and associated mechanical equipment.