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We can provide high quality sewage grinders which help to protect pumps, inlet screens, pipework from blockages. 

These can be installed in chambers, channels, pipework, pump chambers and are very flexible in the way that they are mounted.  The units provide a very cost effective way to protect equipment. We have installed units in pump wet wells to protect submersible pumps which were regularly blocking with rags. This was causing localised backing up of the mains and manholes and the ongoing cost of tankering and cleaning up. 

We have also installed units at Caravan Parks. At one site, since the unit has been installed there have been no failures of the pumps. The Caravan Park, are very pleased as they no longer have regular blockages which was having a detrimental effect on their Customer's holiday experience.

Mucher installed to reduce blockages on an airfield site
The Muffin Monster grinds all solids down to stop blockages