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Flow Control

Flow Control can involve a wide range of equipment. As an Independent company we are able to advise Customers without bias. We have also developed good relationships with a wide range of suppliers which ensures we can offer you the best solution  

We can supply and install:

We have specialist knowledge of Adams Hydraulics and Ham Baker Adams equipment and are able to supply and install a range of products. These will all be installed to high mechanical tolerances which is essential to these types of products.

Where a wider scope of mechanical work is required on one site, we will work with you and the project schedule to ensure critical milestones are met to ensure the project is kept on track.

Floating arm modulating flow
Weir structure designed and installed by IQ Engineers to divert flows whilst a penstock was repaired.

Our product range...

Case Study

Client name: Wessex Water

Weston Super Mare STW - part of £26million upgrade

We worked with two different contractors.After we successfully installed penstocks for a manufacturer we were asked to install a variety of free issue pipework and associated mechanical equipment.