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Dosing Syphons - for sewage treatment

Syphons are key to the process of water treatment and are a bit of an enigma to the inexperienced!

IQ Engineers has extensive in-house expertise and can ensure that the hydraulics on a site are correct and can offer single syphon units or more complex interconnected units. 

We manufacture and supply replacement syphons for all manufacturers but in particular Adams Hydraulics (Ham Baker Adams). Our in-house knowledge ensures that these are designed and manufactured to the high standards and resiliency of the orginal products.  

If a syphon needs complete renewal, we can provide a like for like replacement. This is fitted by trained personnel who will ensure that it operates on site as it has been designed to. Experience within IQ Engineers of designing and manufacturing syphons, ensures that they work! In the past, IQ Engineers has been asked to look at problematic units by manufacturers themselves due to the depth of knowledge within the business.

Alternatively, we can simply replace the pipework and top plate which reduces the cost and environmental impacts. Equally, if the feedpipe that the syphon rests on becomes worn or damaged, we can undertake a retro-fit repair which does not require significant disruption or works within the chamber. 

We often undertake work to Distributors in conjunction with the syphon. This can include checks that they are operating optimally to the current site conditions. We are happy to attend site and assess the condition of any mechanical plant on both small and large sites, so feel free to speak to us about any projects.

IQ2857 Pity Me Syphon (12)

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New IQ Tippler Distributor installed for NWL